Why MicroCision?

An epidural steroid injection is a procedure that uses an injection to relieve neck, shoulder and arm pain caused by pinched nerves in the cervical spine. The injected medication help decrease the swelling of nerves caused from conditions including spinal stenosis, herniated discs, and radiculopathy.

With the patient lying down, the minimally invasive MicroCision Spine Procedure begins with application of a local anesthetic of an area of neck using a small needle. Using a special x-ray device, the physician guides a larger needle to the painful area of the neck. The doctor then injects contrast dye to ensure the needle is properly positioned in the epidural space near the irritated nerves. Once the needle is positioned correctly, a mixture of cortisone steroid solution and anesthetic is injected. The anti-inflammatory effect of this injection affects the swollen nerves and helps decrease swelling and pressure on the nerves. After the injection, the needle is removed and the injection site covered with a band-aid.

While pain relief may be experience after just one injection, some patients may require two or three treatments to feel the full pain relieving effects of the procedure.

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